The root canal treatment procedure is performed by a trained dentist using an operation microscope.

The purpose of root canal treatment is cleaning infected root canals, treating infection in jaw bone, and after that sealing root canals to prevent reinfection.

Root canals are treated with special files, this is time-consuming and complicated  process. Often there are more than one canal in one tooth (up to four canals) and access to posterior teeth is often difficult. Canals may be curved that also complicates treatment. It is necessary to prevent microbial access into the root canals during the treatment also.

Treatment of chronic infection takes long time (somitemes up to 1 year), since bone healing around the root is time consuming process. Tooth that is root canal treated may become sensitive or even be painful. These symptoms disappear with time, however. Sucsess of root canal teatment may be estimated in 1 year after treatment.

Dentist tries to do everything to solve the inflammation, to preserve the tooth ant to avoid reinfection in the future. Successful treatment requires also patient co-operation, perfect oral hygiene and good overall health.