Dental Art OÜ is a partner of the Health Insurance Fund (except for adult dental compensation and orthodontic treatment). We have entered into funding agreements for:

– Dental treatment and prevention of dental diseases for insured children under 19 years of age.

– Providing emergency care to insured individuals aged 19 and over.

– Providing dental prosthesis compensation to insured pensioners and individuals with partial or total work disability.

Dental treatment is funded by Health Insurance Fund for those under 19 years of age living in Estonia. According to the clinic’s established procedure, the visit fee for individuals under 19 is 5 euros.

You can familiarize yourself with the clinic’s price list on-site. The exact cost of dental procedures will be determined during consultation. For major dental procedures, the dentist will prepare a written treatment plan and cost estimate.

Below are the prices for commonly requested procedures:

Services Prices
Consultation  83 EUR
Consultation of a specialist  132 EUR
Panoramic X-ray and diagnostics  58 EUR
X-ray of 1-2 teeth  25 EUR
Anesthesia  25 EUR


It is possible to pay for services by bank card or cash. Payment is made at the reception after the visit. We do not issue bank transfer invoices.