Tooth extraction

There are several reasons, why tooth has to be extracted, e.g.surgical, orthodontical etc. Tooth extraction is usually carried out under the local anaesthesia and is painless.

To avoid complications, patient should inform surgeon about his/her diseases, drugs used, and possible allergies.

Surgical procedure

Method used for tooth extraction depends on several factors:

  1. tooth position
  2. root length and shape
  3. width of surrounding bone

If teeth are completely erupted, it is possible to remove them one by one with special tools. After tooth extraction surgeon may suture the wound to accelerate healing. Sutures can be resorbable or surgeon may remove them after some time.


All needed procedures may be completed under the local anaesthesia. Modern anaesthesia is very efficient so that surgeon can perform very complex operations without any discomfort for a patient.

After the end of anaesthetic effect, patient may feel some pain and tenderness in the wound region. To relieve the pain, one may use some anaesthetics (pain-killers) available in the pharmacy, e.g. Ibumax, Ibumetin.