Implant is the best way to restore missing tooth/teeth. Implant acts as an artifitial root and is the most esthetic, natural and durable method to restore missing tooth. Long-term study results and clinical use of implants show that implants are very safe; they also preserve neighbouring teeth and bone. Implants can be use to support different types of dentures. Installation of implant is painless.

Implant installation is a surgical procedure and that’s why several examinations at the different specialist have to be done (anamnesis, intraoral examination, x-ray, diagnostic models etc). On the different treatment stages, several specialists may be engaged in Your treatment.

Implant is a small screw made from titanium that is replacing a root of a tooth. Implant is inserted into the jawbone, where it integrates with bone after some period of time (3-6 month). In some cases implant may be loaded directly after installation.

Advantages of the implants compared to the conventional prostheses

If we compare implant and conventional bridge, then with implant there is no need to grind neighbouring teeth – they stay intact. Sometime it is difficult to make bridge look natural.

Implant also helps to preserve bone from resorption. No other type of prosthesis can do that. Implants also restore chewing function thus preventing overload of the natural teeth.