1. When anaesthesia is over you may feel pain or discomfort in the wound area. These may last for several days after the operation. To reduse pain, please use painkillers that are aviable in the pharmacy without prescription. Very effective are ibuprofen-containing drugs (Ibumax, Ibumetin etc).
  2. To avoid swelling, cool the wound area. Please set ice bag on the cheek.
  3. Do not use any hot applications.
  4. You may feel some weakness first hours after the operation. Please don’t do any physical exercises couple of days after surgery.
  5. If special dressing is applied on the wound, please don’t eat for 2 hours. It is better to use soft food until dressing is remaining. When brushing teeth, please be careful not to disturb the dressing. Don’t use powered toothbrush.
  6. Follow instructions given by surgeon and use drugs as prescribed.
  7. Rinse your mouth with chlorhexidine solution (PerioAidTM etc) twice a day during one minute. Please rinse half an hour after toothbrushing. Rinsing is indicated maximum for two weeks, if dentist didn’t prescribe other schedule. Teeth may become stained because of the chlorhexidine solution, but staining is easily removed by polishing.
  8. If you feel pain on some changes in the implanted area, please contact your surgeon