1. … usage of the denture may be uncomfortable. Please be patient and try to use your denture, you can get used to it. First two weeks after prosthesis fabrication are the most difficult, since the mouth has to get accustomed to the new situation. During this period, remove denture only for cleaning and please use the denture also at night. Later, it is recommended to remove denture for the night.
  2. … when denture is not in the mouth, it should be packed in a moist towel and keeped in a special plastic box. If not done so, prosthesis material will dry out and become fragile. Also prosthesis may shrink and become inaccurate.
  3. …Prosthesis has to be cleaned twice a day with the toothbrush and liquid soap and rinsed with water afterward. Dentifrice use is not recommended, since dentifrice is very abrasive and may disturb denture surface. In addition, you have to use special remedy (dissolving pills) to clean the denture that is aviable at the drugstores.