Ortodontia, Invisalign Platinum Provider Inglismaal


  • Tartu Ülikool, arstiteaduskond, hambaarstiteadus, 2001-2006
  • Tartu Ülikool, arstiteaduskond, residentuur ortodontia alal,  2006-2009
  • University of Westminster, kliinilise fotograafia eriala, 2014-2016



8-9.12.2023 Funktsionaalse hambaravi kongress. dr Jeffrey P. Okeson, Jean-Daniel Orthlieb, David Angelo dr Ambra Michelotti Madrid, Spain
okt.23 Orthodontic preparation before prosthetics. dr Roxana Petku, Padhraig Fleming, Jae Hyun Park,  dr Chris Laspos Online
sept.23  Early orthodontic treatment. When and How. dr Marco Rosa Online
juuli.23 Functional dentistry from A to Z. Complex orthodontic cases. dr S. Blum Online
22.06.2023 Invisalign E-Conference: To Distalize or To Extract? -Treatment Options and Biomechanical Considerations in Clear Aligner Treatments. Online
mai.23 TMJ Radiology and occlusion. dr Lucas Lassman Online
26.04.2023 Invisalign The biomechanics of complex deep bite case treatments with the Invisalign System. Online
veebruar-märts 2023 Treatment and planning by J.Kois system. dr Jevgeni Goncharov Online
08.12.2022 Radioloogia kursus radioloogiaga seotud eriala töötajatele. Online
02.11.2022 Optimizing complex cases with Invisalign aligners. Online
17-18.10.2022 Complex biomechanics in adult patsients with Tads and aligners. In-house course. dr Susana Palma-Moya Ciudad Real, Spain
Oktoober-November 2022 Aligners from A to Z. Cycle of webinars by Chris Chang, Waddah Sabouni, Vincenco D´Anto, Heloisa Filipe-Alvez, Jay Bowman, Piedro Costa-Monteiro Online
10-11.06.2022 Simply Ortho annual meeting congress. Porto, Portugal
09.06.2022 Tads in Orthodontics, from myth to practice. dr Amr Asker Porto, Portugal